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The daycare was founded on the principles of equality, affordability, and social development. Later, it incorporated emotional and household responsibilities into the curriculum. Since then, hundreds of children have received world-class assistance.

We have a home-like learning environment that we believe is safe for children to discover, laugh, and play. The environment supports after-school services, child care, preschool, and exploration. Some parents even choose things such as individual tuition so that their children can learn in an environment that is more focused.

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Our Services


You're welcome to enroll your child in one of our early childhood education programs. He will be able to advance his knowledge and prepare for later education programs.

Social Skill Promotion

We offer speech pathology services. We teach your child language, speech, gestures, and literacy.

Health Checks

Your child will undergo regular health checks to ascertain whether they have any ailments that you should not.

In-home Daycare

We are a licensed in-home daycare providing service. You can invite us to your home, and we will take care of your child from there.

Our Programs

Traditional Day Care Centre

The majority of daycares in New York do not have traditional daycare centers. We have changed this by providing half-day or full-day services for children. These services include field trips and meals.

Diet Monitoring and Promotion

Our staff includes dietitians and nutritionists, who know the right type of healthy eating.

Parenting Programs

We also teach parents how to raise their children in the right way. We have parental counselors with years of experience, and they will support you during your parental duties.



We accept children who are at least three months old.

We have a waiting list, but it won’t take more than a month before we can accept your child.

You can apply on our website or visit our physical daycare.

Yes, we have partners who help children that can’t pay their school fees.